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Energy saving
The new aluminium boiler of Lecoaspira only requires 1100 W instead of 1250 W required by the old stainless steel boiler. The result is a shorter warm-up time and a 20% energy saving.

Digital intelligence
A simple, intuitive control panel and an LCD display enable the total control of Lecoaspira Intelligent's 3 operating modes (manual, automatic and iron).

10 pre-set cleaning programs
P1 - rugs, carpets
P2 - parquet, terracotta
P3 - glass, ceramic
P4 - space between tiles
P5 - upholstery, wall coverings
P6 - beds, mattresses
P7 - double curtains
P8 - plants
P9 - ironing
P0 - turbo suction

Continuous refill
Lecoaspira's continuous refill system ensures an unlimited working autonomy.

Eco-Active water filter
The special water vortex of Eco-Active Filter traps the dirt and retains it in water, preventing dust to be released back into the environment.

Washable HEPA filter
The HEPA filter stops impurities, pollens and dustmites.

This model can be connected to Steam Disinfector
It is possible to connect Steam Disinfector accessory for sanitising surfaces and fabrics and reducing the bacterial, fungal and viral load.