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@Espresso Suprema is the new Polti coffee machine dedicated to coffee-lovers who want to turn each cup of coffee into a special moment of the day. It makes use of a new coffee brewing group with a special patented system (Patent nr 0001354226 - 27.10.04) which guarantees a rich cream (“Crema Express”). On top of its charming black colour, @Espresso Suprema gives you the chance to taste coffee in any way you like it. And that’s not all…

The packaging includes a mix of 24 coffee capsules in each of the four classic blends Sublime, Crema, Elisir and Deca, and also 4 capsules of the finest single-origin coffee from AromaPolti’s Gourmet Line.
But it’s not over yet because you will also receive 12 hot beverage capsules from Polti’s instant drink line with @Espresso Suprema.

Aroma Polti capsules are packed under a protective atmosphere to preserve all their freshness and flavour.

And there’s more …@Espresso Suprema gives you the exclusive recipe book with many tips to prepare “creative” coffee drinks for your special breakfasts.

With @Espresso Suprema you’ll also receive a handy milk frother to prepare a soft and fluffy cream for a fantastic cappuccino in seconds before starting the day.
And finally, 12 sugar sachets are included to sweeten your coffee breaks.