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Vaporettino Lux
Work, kids, husband, shopping, hobbies and more… sometimes it’s just impossible to find enough time in the day to keep your house clean and tidy.
The secret is Polti’s Vaporettino Lux, the ready-to-use portable steam cleaning gun: a useful, lightweight and effective aid for cleaning surfaces that need refreshing every day.
Its compact form is easy to handle and convenient for cleaning even the hardest-to-reach spots; in only a few seconds it degreases and sanitises thanks to the cleaning power of steam constantly released at a pressure of 3 bar pressure. This is because steam is your most useful, natural and ecologically friendly ally for dissolving dirt.

The special detergent reservoir may be filled with Polti’s ecological HP007 cleaning products, which are even more effective if used with steam.

The Vaporettino Lux has countless applications and may be used in any part of the house: on the hob, in the oven, on the hood, on glass, tiles, gaps between tiles, taps and many more areas.
The Vaporettino Lux comes with several accessories to make it even more versatile: flexible hose, lance, round nylon and brass brushes, squeegee attachments, curved spouts, cloth covers for squeegee attachments, spatula and a special attachment for cleaning between tiles.
  • Pressure: 3 Bar
  • “Steam ready” indicator light
  • Detergent reservoir
  • 3 levels of detergent use: OFF, MIN, MAX
  • Safety cap
  • Boiler volume 500 ml
  • Boiler capacity: 200 ml
  • Detergent reservoir capacity: 200 ml
  • Electrical power: 1000 W
for everyday cleaning jobs
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