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Polti installs its second photovoltaic system

Early in 2011 Polti S.p.A. installed its second photovoltaic system, after the first one was installed in 2010 on the building housing its plant in Bulgarograsso (Como).

The two installations included in this important project total 4088 solar panels capable of producing 801,706 kWh, 40% of which is enough to cover all the company’s energy requirements. Polti’s photovoltaic installations generate enough electricity to save about 521,000 kg of C02 emissions a year.

The initiative is certainly more just than a starting point. Polti has always stood out in the market for its ability to respond to customers' needs and desires, with a mission of finding innovative ways to improve quality of life and the environment.

A very precise goal and an even stronger will to pursue it, translating into numerous activities aimed at achieving environmental sustainability over the years: first of all, Polti’s thorough, effective ecological cleaning methods based exclusively on use of steam - the most powerful, pure, natural cleaning product there is! To this we also add on-going investment in Research and Development with the aim of producing more and more energy-efficient appliances; reduction of the environmental impact of packaging and the decision to produce all appliances in Italy, helping cut greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping.
The Polti group’s commitment to the environment is expressed in every aspect of its business.

A focus on the environment has always been in Polti’s genes, as a true enterprising vision, an integral part of the way the business is managed and a founding principle of the company’s corporate culture.

In this sense, “Innovative by Nature” is not just our slogan, but our way of being and of doing business, translated into concrete action. For example, the whole range of Polti products proposes an effective ecological cleaning method based exclusively on nature’s most powerful cleaning product, steam, without use of any chemicals that could harm the environment or human health.

Our research focuses on making appliances that are “Ecological inside”, meaning they go beyond the promise of consuming less energy. They represent an effective alternative for cleaning without coming into contact with or inhaling any harmful substances, to prevent allergic reactions and disinfect surfaces using a safe, healthy method. Ours is a global approach offering a concrete response to the need to reduce our consumption and stop polluting the environment and putting human health at risk.

Of course our strategy of environmental sustainability affects everyone in the Polti world, and this includes the company’s corporate lifestyle. Our photovoltaic installation is our first important initiative, to be followed by many more,

  comments Francesca Polti, General Manager of Polti SpA.
  With the installation of the photovoltaic system, Polti once again confirms its role in the frontline of conscious energy consumption and underlines its focus on research into solutions which respect the environment and the society the company works in.  

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