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Steam generator iron with boiler: for worry-free ironing

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.55 is the steam generator iron with boiler with unlimited autonomy which brings you worry-free ironing as the automatic alert for cleaning the boiler tells you when to perform maintenance to prolong the life of your Vaporella. In addition the "eco" feature automatically set when the iron is powered so you save up to 35% of electricity and 40% of water (compared to the models of the previous series) and to avoid further consumption since the Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.55 turns itself off after 10 minutes of non-use.

  • Steam generator iron with boiler with unlimited autonomy
  • Steam pressure up to 5.5 bar
  • Iron with aluminium soleplate
  • Fast heating 3 mins
  • Turbo steam feature
  • Automatic boiler cleaning alert
  • Automatic shut- off feature
  • Made in Italy
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Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_14.55

Steam generator iron with boiler: for worry-free ironing


Features Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_14.55

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - Professional ironing


The real professional iron has an aluminium soleplate to distribute the heat evenly; it is high gauge so the soleplate does the work for you on the creases, and a cork handle for a comfortable grip while you're ironing. In addition, the Vaporella soleplate has the holes concentrated at the tip to focus the steam so that it smoothes out creases.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - Turbo steam feature


By using the special "turbo steam" feature the steam delivered is even more powerful and can smooth out even the most stubborn creases.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 -Steam jet adjustment


The steam adjustment lets you adjust the quantity of steam delivered depending on the fabric being ironed to always get the best results.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - Silent ironing


Up to 7 decibels less noise compared to previous models (**), can be used at any time without disturbance while guaranteeing maximum performance.

** Noise reduction while ironing compared to the model Forever 1905 Eco Program.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - Energy efficient


Designed to reduce the consumption of electricity and water, ensuring the most energy efficient results while ironing. In addition, when not in use it turns off automatically thanks to the shut-off feature.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.55 - Easy to clean


The automatic alert tells you when the boiler needs cleaning to remove limescale and prolong the life of your iron.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.55 - Unlimited steam jet


Fitted with a continuous filling system which lets you iron for long periods without interruption. The practical transparent tank lets you see how much water is left at any time.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - High pressure boiler


The steam generated inside the boiler is delivered with more power, penetrating the fibres faster. Letting you iron faster, vertically and even several layers of fabric at a time, such as tablecloths and sheets. For perfect results every time.

Vaporetto Classic 65  made in italy


Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_14.45 was designed and entirely assembled in Italy. Careful attention is paid to each production step, guaranteeing the quality of the finished product.

Accessories Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_14.55

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - Kalstop accessories


This is an anti-limescale product made from plants which is easily biodegradable and prevents the formation of limescale in the boiler. Kalstop will lengthen the life of your appliance, keeping it efficient. Two phials are included.

Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_ 14.45 - Boiler cleaning kit accessories


The kit for cleaning the boiler when the automatic alert has come on.

Technical specifications Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly_14.55

  • Working autonomy


  • Automatic shut-off

    Yes, after 10 mins.

  • Water tank capacity

    1.2 l

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    25.5 x 35 x 30.5 cm

  • Adjustable steam output

    adjustable up to 160 g/min

  • Turbo Steam Function


  • Parking for steam hose


  • Carrying handle


  • Weight

    4.5 kg

  • Iron soleplate


  • Total power

    2050 W

  • Max Pressure

    5.5 bar

  • Pre-set ironing programs

    4 programs (wool, cotton, linen, silk)

  • Energy/water saving

    -35%/-40% *% less consumption compared to models of previous series.

  • Anti-calc system

    Yes, automatic boiler cleaning signal + boiler access

  • Warning lights

    on-off power / out of water / steam ready

  • Heating time

    3 min

  • Cable parking


  • Continuous steam


  • Product code



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