Extra warranty against calc attack

Register your product and get the 10 year extra warranty* against calc attack!

La Vaporella: reliable, powerful, intelligent and guaranteed for 10 years.

Polti always offers high quality products. Our idea of quality is simple, because it’s concrete: that's why we decided to put our experience at your service and offer a 10 year WARRANTY against calc attack on all the models of the new La Vaporella range:


How to activate the extra warranty

Visit the website of your country or contact Customer Services for more information.

In order to benefit from the 10 year warranty, you must keep the proof of purchase.

Products purchased with a VAT registration number and/or used in a commercial and/or professional setting will not be covered under this warranty.


Duration of the warranty

The warranty on La Vaporella models lasts 10 years.

It is valid from the purchase date shown on the proof of purchase (or on the transport document for distance selling).


What the warranty covers

The 10 year warranty exclusively covers damage to the La Vaporella boiler system (inlet connection, boiler and solenoid valve) caused by limescale.

For all other parts please refer to European Directive 99/44/EC.


Warning! La Vaporella has been designed to work with tap water. Never use distilled water, undiluted demineralised water, rain water or water containing additives (e.g. starch, perfumes), scented water or water produced by other domestic appliances, by water softeners or filter jugs.

Use that is not compliant with the “Which water to use in the boiler” section of the Instruction Manual invalidates the warranty.

Kalstop is the only anti-limescale product permitted and compatible with La Vaporella

Promotion only valid in participating countries.

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