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What is the dfference between Unico and Vaporetto Lecoaspira?

Unico is a powerful multi-cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner able to vacuum, release steam for a deep cleaning and dry the home's washable surfaces; these features make it the complete appliance for daily cleaning of your house. Unico is particularly recommended for those who prefer to maintain the maximum hygiene with daily cleaning sessions, but it can be used for special cleaning too. Vaporetto Lecoaspira is a powerful Vaporetto equipped with water filter, it is able to suction solids and liquids for an even more effective cleaning; it is the ideal appliance for deep cleaning and not so frequent, for example for whose prefer to take care of house during the weekend.

What does "multi-cyclonic" mean?

Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners use a filtration system that generates more vortexes (called cyclones) inside the dirt collector tank; the centrifugal force of cyclones separates the dirt and dust particles from the air which comes out cleaner.

How possible is it to clean only with steam?

The dry steam generated at high temperature by Unico penetrates the dirt as if it was a liquid substance instead of gaseous; thanks to the heat, it detaches and dissolves the dirt releasing and holding all the components : grease, germs, bacteria and dust mites. Free from minerals and any electrical conductivity, it additionally neutralises the static load of dust particles destroying them more easily.

What does dry steam mean?

The steam at high pressure and high temperature (120° C) is "dry" because it cleans without leaving surfaces damp.

What is the difference between the Unico models?

Use the button +COMPARE in the page of each product of our website to generate a comparison page between available models; you can evaluate the technical features, functions and standard accessories.

I bought Unico (or I am going to buy it) and on the tech data I read that the total power is 2.200W. Does it means that Unico is a vacuum cleaner with 2.200W of power?

Unico is made with a powerful vacuum motor and with a boiler to release steam. The 2200W is the TOTAL power (motor+boiler). If you use Unico as a vacuum cleaner only, the power is 1100W for MCV20 and 1350W for MCV50/70. The remaining Watts are used for the boiler.

Can I vacuum and steam clean at the same time or use the two functions separately?

Yes, vacuum and steam have two different and separated controls and can be activated one at a time or together to dry damp left by steam.

Can I use steam and suction right away or should I first vacuum the dirt?

For cleaning floors it is necessary before vacuuming to remove the substantial dirt and after to complete the cleaning activating functions both to clean and dry the surfaces. This process guarantees the best results of cleaning and hygiene.

During the cleaning operations, some small drops of water remain on the floor, immediately after the switch off of the unit. Is it normal?

The Unico's Innovative Multibrush has been designed to clean & dry the floor in just one go. If the floor where you are using the brush is particularly " textured" or "corrugated" (or if the tiles have not been laid evenly) there could be small rows of water. We suggest using the cloth (assembled on the holder and having the Innovative Multibrush at A position) to complete the drying operation.

During the cleaning operations, some small drops of water remain on the floor, immediately after the switch off of the unit. Is it normal?

The liquid vacuuming must be done moving the vacuum power slider onto the gun at the MAX position. To reach an ideal result we suggest you keep the vacuum on for some seconds after the liquid vacuuming operation.

Inside the box of Unico I found 2 different cloths: which are the differences between themeselves?

Unico has a cloth with simple seams and a cloth with reinforced seams: it helps to protect the furniture from accidental impact during the cleaning operation.

Can cloths be washed-machine?

Yes, all the equipped cloths and sockettes can be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature (30° C). Do not use bleach, do not iron and let them dry naturally.