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Could the vertical styler replace the iron?

The vertical styler can not completely replace the iron, but it can be a valid ally to remove odors and small folds and give a neat appearance to garments.

For whom is a vertical ironer recommended?

The vertical styler is suitable for those who do not have time to face long ironing sessions but need to have garments always tidy or who need last-minute retouch before going out. It is ideal for refreshing clothes while changing out the winter wardrobe because it removes small creases and eliminates odors thanks to the steam generated. It is also recommended for those who want to remove persistent odors such as those of smoking and cooking from resistent fabrics such as jackets, coats or delicate fabrics or embroided such as lace. Particularly suitable also for refreshing home textiles such as curtains and upholstery.

Is it possible to treat all types of fabric?

Yes, Vaporella Vertical Styler is suitable for all types of fabrics from the most delicate to the most resistant. The steam regulation allows to adapt the desired steam intensity to the type of fabric; for the most delicate items we advise not to place the head directly in contact with the fabric but to dispense the steam at a distance.

Is it effective even on resistant fabrics?

With thick or particularly resistant fabrics we recommend adjusting the steam output to the maximum level and applying the appropriate accessory brush; the bristles will open the fibers of the fabrics favoring the deep penetration of the steam.

How can I remove small folds from fabrics with the vertical styler?

To remove the small folds as much as possible, we recommend making slow passages from top to bottom, taking care to keep the fabric stretched. To facilitate the operation it is suitable to stretch the fabric in the opposite direction; for the sleeves of shirts and shirts instead slide the head from the cuff towards the shoulder.