It's time to decorate the Christmas tree. Are you ready? Garlands, balls, the star at the top...and this year we propose something different: fuse beads have won us over and we decided to prepare some lovely ornaments for you.

You can get your little ones involved in this activity, too!

Let's start making our Christmas ornaments with fuse beads!

Here's what you need: white, red, green, brown and multicolour beads, heart and hexagon bases, thread in your preferred colour, a piece of regular or oven paper and of course, your trusty Vaporella.

Let's start with the heart-shaped ornament, for which you'll need the base of the same shape. The bases vary by the shapes we want to create, since the position of the tiny spikes inside and the distance between them also vary.

Once we have placed and ironed the beads, carefully remove the paper and check that all the beads have been fused together. If not, simply move the iron over again being careful not to stay too long in any single point.

We'll use the hexagon base for the Christmas tree and garland ornaments.

Thread a bead onto some string and it's done! If the hole is partially closed, simply use a needle to open it up a bit.

Download and print the diagrams to create Christmas ornaments: