Sani System is only Polti

Polti Sani System ®

Patented device for contactless steam disinfection.

Polti Sani System: our steam protecting your workplace

Polti steam disinfection is quick, safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic, as it is chemical free. This is a frequent physical disinfection method that works without coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces and fabrics.

Tested as killing up to 99.999%* of microorganisms

The Polti Sani System is a patented Steam Disinfection Device (SDD) that complies with the AFNOR NF T72-110 medical standard with proven virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and levuricidal effects and also works on mould.

Polti Sani System: steam disinfection
Patented Super Heated Chamber technology
Kills up to 99.999%* of viruses, germs and bacteria
Designed and manufactured in Italy
Protect your spaces with the Polti Sani System!


Polti Sani System: fast disinfection

Fast and frequent disinfection

Dry saturated steam superheated to 180°C works in seconds. Perfect for frequent disinfection throughout the day.

Polti Sani System: contactless disinfection

No cross-contamination

The steam is dispensed without ever coming into contact with surfaces and does not need to be dried using other tools.

Polti Sani System: safe

Safe for you and for others

Steam from the Polti Sani System can be used several times a day around people and animals. Surfaces dry quickly.

Polti Sani System: disinfection on all surfaces

Suitable for all surfaces

It envelopes and disinfects all surfaces, fabrics and objects, even unusually shaped ones.

Polti Sani System: patented system

The patent that makes the difference

The dispenser with controlled expansion chamber is Polti patented technology that superheats the steam to 180°C and slows down its release. A cloud of saturated, dry and superheated steam envelopes and disinfects surfaces without contact.

Polti Sani System: remove bad smells

Eliminates unpleasant odours

Used in combination with the HPMed detergent, the Polti Sani System eliminates unpleasant odours from surfaces and fabrics without damaging them.

* Tests and / or studies by third-party and independent laboratories certify that Polti Sani System kills up to 99.999% of microorganisms (viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, spores and yeasts).

Watch Polti Sani System in action

Polti Sani System: Steam Disinfection Device (SDD)

Offices and professional studios

Polti Sani System steam for disinfecting your clothing store

Shopping malls and clothing stores

Polti Sani System for the rapid, safe and frequent disinfection of dental practices

Dentists and healthcare practices

Hairdresser and beauty salons disinfection: the safe steam of Polti Sani System for frequent use

Hairdressers and beauty salons

Polti Sani System: for safe school disinfection

Schools and childcare facilities

Case studies

Polti at ISSA Pulire 2021: professional cleaning and steam disinfection

Polti participated in the 25th edition of Issa Pulire, a trade fair specializing in the world of cleaning and hygiene held in Verona.

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The products of the Polti Sani System, Polti Vaporetto MV and Polti Vaporetto Pro ranges are Steam Disinfection Devices

Tests demonstrate the effectiveness of steam even against SARS-CoV-2.

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Polti, first in Italy in compliance with the SDD standard

A new achievement for Polti, which today strengthens its claim to be able to lead the professional cleaning and disinfection sector.

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