Polti disinfection restaurant interior

Polti for cafés, bars and restaurants

Contactless disinfection and easy cleaning for any surface. Polti steam products get to work quickly and offer maximum efficiency.

Polti steam cleaning cooking grill

Professional cleaning

Discover the efficiency of Polti professional cleaning products. Our technologies are suitable for all environments and fabrics.
Choose the power of steam for deep sanitisation without the need for chemical detergents.

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Polti is offering its exclusive patented steam disinfection technology to cafés, bars and restaurants.
Provide your customers and employees with protection and sanitisation. Discover our complete professional disinfection range.

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Polti steam disinfection padded chair
Polti steam for cafes and restaurants
Eliminates up to 99.999%* of microorganisms
Suitable for all surfaces and fabrics
No chemicals
Frequent use, even around people

Case studies

Polti at ISSA Pulire 2021: professional cleaning and steam disinfection

Polti participated in the 25th edition of Issa Pulire, a trade fair specializing in the world of cleaning and hygiene held in Verona.

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The products of the Polti Sani System, Polti Vaporetto MV and Polti Vaporetto Pro ranges are Steam Disinfection Devices

Tests demonstrate the effectiveness of steam even against SARS-CoV-2.

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Polti, first in Italy in compliance with the SDD standard

A new achievement for Polti, which today strengthens its claim to be able to lead the professional cleaning and disinfection sector.

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Polti Steam Disinfection Device

A standard with your safety in mind

Our products are certified as Steam Disinfection Devices (SDDs) for their effectiveness in eliminating up to 99.999% of microorganisms.


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