Vaporella is only Polti

Polti Vaporella ®

The steam iron that has been taking care of your clothes since 1978.

Innovative irons serving your daily life

Over 40 years of experience and continually evolving styles. Polti Vaporella is the iron that offers professional results, effortlessly and quickly, with a vast range of models to meet everyone's needs.

Eliminates creases and increases the lifespan of your clothing!

Polti Vaporella effectively irons out creases with the correct temperature and steam pressure. Ironing also prevents fabrics from ageing. Heat and steam help maintain the integrity of the fabric of your garments.

Polti Vaporella: eliminates all creases
Choose Polti Vaporella for flawless ironing!


Polti Vaporella: suitable for every need

The iron that best meets your needs

Unlimited operation, a cork or rubber handle, a ceramic or aluminium soleplate, and a removable tank — whatever you need, Polti Vaporella is here for you.

Polti Vaporella: powerful steam

Powerful steam for quick and flawless ironing

The high-pressure boiler models generate constant, high-power steam that penetrates fibres and effectively irons out creases.

Polti Vaporella: 10-year warranty

Potent boiler and a 10-year warranty* against limescale

Polti La Vaporella is innovation made real: no maintenance, a multi-directional soleplate with ceramic coating and pre-set ironing programs.

Polti Vaporella: quick and light

Quick, light and perfect for extended ironing

Steam generator irons are perfect for beginners. Ready in just a few minutes, powerful and with a large tank, they iron all fabrics perfectly.

Polti Vaporella: practical and convenient

Iron your favourite T-shirt on the go. It's easy!

Suitable for all kinds of fabrics and instantly ready to use, these steam iron models are practical, quick and convenient. Adjust the temperature and steam according to your needs.

Polti Vaporella: household textiles

Crease-free garments and household textiles that look like new

Garment steamers are perfect for freshening up and removing creases that have formed in your wardrobe or suitcase. Quickly ready to use, they eliminate unpleasant odours.

*Warranty valid on the boiler unit only (solenoid valve, boiler and charging connection) against damage caused by limescale. For ways to register your warranty, please consult our guidelines here.

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