It's truly easy to make your card extra-special: you can add a decoration made by you or your children, perhaps using our fuse beads. Online you can find innumerable colourful ideas for every occasion, but we want to propose something for Christmas.

Let's see what you need and what to do to personalise your Christmas cards:

You'll need: white, red, brown and multi-colour beads, square and hexagon bases, red ribbon, coloured cardboard, a black marker, adhesive tape, a piece of regular or baking paper, and your Vaporella.

To create the gift package we have to divide the upper part of the ribbon from the bottom part. For the first one we will use the hexagon base, and the square base for the second.

Place all the beads, cover them with the piece of paper, and iron on low. Once the two portions have been created, simply attach them to the cardboard with double-sided tape.

Cut the cardboard to the desired size and fold it in half. Use the black marker to draw a line that looks like the thread on the ball.

Use double-sided tape to attach the decorations to the front and add a red ribbon - the third of our decorations.

Download and print the diagrams for using fuse beads to decorate cards: