Unico is only Polti

Polti Unico ®

The multifunction vacuum cleaner that vacuums, sanitises and dries.

A unique appliance for caring for the whole home

Designed for daily cleaning, Polti Unico is perfect as a vacuum cleaner for daily use and as a steam cleaner when you want to wash and sanitise the entire house. It vacuums up damp dirt and excess moisture to dry surfaces.

Multi-cyclonic vacuuming for cleaner air

Polti Unico is suitable for allergy sufferers. The multi-cyclonic technology and subsequent filtration stages—which include a HEPA filter—trap the smallest particles, such as pollen and dust mites, minimising their re-release into the air.

Polti Unico: multi-cyclonic vacuuming
Bagless multi-cyclonic suction system
Kills and eliminates up to 99.99%* of viruses, germs and bacteria
Vacuum up dry and wet dirt
Ideal for all surfaces


Polti Unico: vacuum technology

A multi-cyclone in the house!

When you vacuum, a central cyclone and numerous side cyclones form in the dirt collector and separate dirt from the suctioned air.

Polti Unico: sanitise without detergents

Clean and sanitise without detergents thanks to the power of steam

Polti Unico is also a powerful steam cleaner. The boiler-generated steam dissolves dirt and eliminates up to 99.99%* of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Polti Unico: steam cleans and dries

Surfaces are instantly ready with the drying function

Vacuums up damp dirt or, after deep steam cleaning a surface, vacuums up excess moisture for zero waiting around.

Polti Unico: accessories

Versatile, multifunctional accessories

The accessories provided, some of which are multifunctional for use on several surfaces, make Polti Unico suitable for endless jobs.

Polti Unico: pre-set programs

With its cleaning programs, Polti Unico is your little helper

The pre-set programs automatically regulate suction, steam release and drying time depending on the surface to be cleaned.

Polti Unico: Made in Italy

Exclusively Italian quality and design

Polti Unico is a product designed and manufactured in Italy. Careful monitoring during the manufacturing process guarantees high-quality products.

*Third-party and independent laboratory tests certify that Polti Unico kills and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria.

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