We've already covered presents, the tree and cards. The only thing left is to complete our Christmas preparations by decorating the house with some fun decorations. Placed next to a candle or two, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here we propose a three dimensional composition that brings Swedish style to mind, simple and sober.

Let's get to work decorating the house with fuse beads!

Here's what you need: white, red, green and multicolour beads, square and hexagon bases, white thread, a piece of regular or oven paper and your Vaporella.

First we prepare the two parts of the Christmas tree on the square base, following the diagram at the end of the page. Then we proceed as usual, covering the design with a piece of paper and ironing at low temperature. We place the two sides together, ensuring the slots fit together.

Now let's make the reindeer. Take care not to completely close the openings in the pearls needed for the thread.

Insert the thread in the reindeer, creating a Greek meander consisting of two lines and a repeating snowflake pattern in the centre.

For the gift package, assemble the faces of the cube, ironed on the square base, again following the diagram. Insert the white beads on the hexagon base, iron and complete the composition.

Download and print the diagrams for making decorations with fuse beads: