For Father's Day and we suggest these fun moustaches made with fuse beads. You can use them as gift tags, to decorate cards, or in many other ways. You can also add a little stick and use them as a costume or to take funny pictures with your favourite dads.

Here's how to make moustaches with fuse beads

You'll need: brown beads, a square base, long sandwich sticks, double-sided tape, a piece of regular or baking paper, and your Vaporella.

Using the brown beads, create the moustache design on the square base. You can copy the diagram in the picture or make your own.

Once the shape is created, iron at medium temperature with your Vaporella, placing a piece of paper between the beads and the iron plate. This will prevent the beads from sticking to the iron. Check that all the beads have been combined and remove them from the base.

Place a small strip of double-sided tape on the stick and attach it to the already-ironed side of the moustache, so you can hold it in your hand.

Once the moustaches are ready, it's time for some selfies with dad! Happy Father's Day!