Team Polti Kometa

Team Polti Kometa:
2024 Marks the Beginning of a New Chapter.

On the steepest climbs, the passion for cycling has shaped the heart of Polti.
An exciting journey amidst the whisper of the wind and the rustle of the pedal, shaping the historical roots of our company.
Here, in between the intense effort of athletes, our story finds its rhythm—a symphony of determination and victory.

A connection between the past and the future.

We return to the world of cycling, a sport where we were undisputed advocates for 17 years, supporting Team Polti Kometa—a rising team that aims to stand out with its strong and unique identity.
A new chapter that represents for Polti a project to firmly believe in, sharing values and vision.

We are ready to ride the excitement of the road and write a new chapter of victories!

The Victories of Team Polti

An Extraordinary Journey

The historic jerseys of Team Polti narrate a glorious era in Italian cycling, marked by unforgettable triumphs in the Giro d'Italia, the Tour de France, and the Vuelta de España.
With a bold and contemporary design, the new jersey of Team Polti Kometa is ready to carry on this story.
Every shade, every detail, merges the roots of the past with the energy of the present, creating a visual icon that embodies the soul of the team.
To wear the Team Polti Kometa jersey means carrying forward tradition with pride, ready to face the challenges of the future with determination.

Team Polti Cycling - 1994 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 1995 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 1996 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 1997 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 1998 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 1999 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 2000 Jersey
Team Polti Cycling - 2024 Jersey
Team Polti Kometa Logo

The Team

Fran Contador, Alberto Contador, and Ivan Basso lead the team with the goal of giving back to cycling a portion of what it has given them. Over time, Team Polti Kometa, belonging to the ProTeam category, has earned the respect of competitors and the admiration of fans, both on and off the saddle. It's a project that embraces both the sporting and human aspects of cycling.

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Team Polti Kometa

Team Polti Kometa:
Together for Well-being

For over 45 years, Polti's secret has been steam: because we believe that well-being starts at home, in taking care of our family, and creating a healthy and clean domestic environment. Team Polti Kometa perfectly embodies our values, inspiring a lifestyle that embraces a connection with nature, teamwork, and mutual respect. This is not just a team: it's a family, bound by a shared passion and indomitable spirit. We ride together, we ride with strength, and we ride towards victory.

Team News

Polti’s great return to cycling with Basso and Contador

Polti returns to cycling with Basso and Contador, sponsoring their professional cycling team, under 23 and junior teams.

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