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Warranty conditions

Legislative Decree no.206 6 September 2006 (Consumption Code)

Warranty conditions

These Warranty Conditions apply to all purchases of Polti products without prejudice to the rights stipulated by applicable law and are valid only in the United Kingdom.

All Polti products purchased on this website by private individuals are intended for domestic use and are guaranteed for 24 months* from the date of purchase (or later date of delivery) under Legislative Decree no.206 6 September 2006 (Consumption Code).

All Polti products purchased on this website by legal entities, professional firms and other businesses are intended for domestic use and are covered by a 12 month manufacturer's conventional warranty.

Any faults attributable to product processing or the use of defective materials will be repaired free of charge during this period.

The warranty becomes effective at the date of purchase (or the date of delivery if this is later).

Proof of purchase or delivery must be provided before any repair under warranty can be authorised. In the absence of documentation proving the purchase of the product and the relevant date the repair will have to be paid for. Please keep your receipt or shipping document carefully for the whole period of the guarantee.

The warranty is subject to limitations and does not cover:

  • accidental damage (for example, but not limited to, falls, fires, short circuits) or resulting from improper use of the product.
  • accessories: sheaths, filters, cables, brushes and other accessories subject to wear
  • the effects of normal wear and, in particular, limescale on boilers, plates and other components
  • products that have not been repaired in an authorised Polti Service Centre
  • any technical modification, however minor, to the product
  • use of accessories that have been modified or are unsuitable for the product
  • costs associated with transporting, moving or installing the product
  • use of the product with accessories or spare parts not approved by Polti to be used with the specific product
  • adaptations to other types of electrical systems

The product must be used in accordance with the operating instructions provided in the manual, limited to its specific function and exclusively in a domestic situation. Use which does not conform to that which Polti has indicated will result in the waiver of the right to claim the warranty.

The warranty will be void if the product is tampered with or damaged during repair by a technician who is not working at an authorised Polti Service Centre. Polti declines any liability arising from accidents or damage resulting from any such unauthorised repairs.

In accordance with the terms of this Warranty, during the period of validity of this Warranty, Polti will repair any non-conformance in the branded products or replace them free of charge (excluding shipping, removal, product installation and/or other charges) within a reasonable time. Replacement parts or replacement products, which must be identical or functionally equivalent to the replaced product, may be new or refurbished in such a way as to have the same quality as new products. The warranty period for repaired or replaced products will be the same as the remaining warranty period for the original product.

*Additional warranty periods for certain products are disclosed separately and specifically

In the event of a breakdown please refer to your instruction manual and check all plugs, fuses and electricity supply.

In the unlikely event of a problem with your product, please contact us: