Children’s wardrobes face a constant evolution: while our little ones grow up, clothes build month by month with a huge pile of garments to “put away.” Not to mention the amount of spare clothes; it’s never enough, no matter the age.



Use labels to keep a wardrobe organized by:


  • Organizing shelves, drawers and cases
  • Labeling containers for seasonal clothes
  • Labeling containers for garments that don’t fit anymore
  • Giving your children more autonomy, so that they can choose clothes by themselves
  • Teaching your children to fold and put their own clothes away


Let’s start with an extremely accurate seasonal change and removing any garment that doesn’t fit; it’s important to store items in the right place and to ask your children to do the same.

Now it’s time to place labels anywhere you need them: on closet doors, drawers, baskets and shelves or on small containers for underwear and accessories.

Download and print our labels on cardboard paper.