Perfect ironing is at your fingertips. For many ironing is a very boring task and often the lack of time makes it all the more difficult. But just have a steam iron and follow some useful advice for a truly impeccable result.

Whether you're an ironing novice or are looking for a perfect effortless steam ironing system, learn a number of tricks that will save you time and effort. From the washing and hanging of the laundry, to the correct use of the iron.

Here are 7 useful steam ironing tips that could revolutionize your life.

1. Washing and hanging
When we think of ironing, too often we forget the initial washing phase. For perfect steam ironing, it's good to start with correct treatment of the garments in the washing machine: using the right wash for different types of garments and avoiding too high a spin will help you not to mistreat the fibres and will preserve them for longer.

Always remember to hang the laundry correctly: separate the laundry as soon as possible, using coat hangers and shirts and placing pegs so that they don't leave marks on the clothes.

2. Iron when garments are still damp
Although it may seem trivial, one good tip for steam ironing effortlessly is to iron the garments when they are still damp. Moisture makes the process easier and allows the iron soleplate to slide more easily on the fibres of the fabrics, reducing time and optimizing the results.

3. Preparing the iron
Correct use of the steam iron can’t be separated from some basic tasks. Before starting to iron, fill the boiler with tap water (unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer), avoiding chemicals and artificial additives that could damage the iron components, as well as the fabrics.

Wait until the iron reaches the correct temperature and start to iron, making sure that there are no stains or marks on the clothes that could stick to the fibres due to contact with steam.

4. Adjust the temperature to suit the fabric
Not all garments and fabrics are the same. To steam iron flawlessly and with no unpleasant surprises for your most delicate clothes, don't forget to adjust the iron to the correct temperature, setting it to the specific program according to the type of fabric. In this way silk, wool and delicates will always be well-ironed and will last for longer.

5. Use a sleeve board
Ironing shirts can be a very difficult task. If cuffs, collars and buttons drive you crazy, remember that ironing with the use of a sleeve board can simplify your work. With it resting on your ironing board, you'll be able to iron in a short time and with satisfactory results.

6. Choose the correct ironing board
Together with the iron, the ironing board is one of the most precious allies for perfect ironing.

We suggest that you select a board that is wide enough, easy to open and close, adjustable in height and very stable.

7. Clean and maintain your iron
Finally to steam iron correctly and always have perfect garments, don't neglect the cleaning and maintenance of the iron. Always empty the boiler or the tank before storing it to prevent limescale formation, but that’s not enough. We advise that you periodically clean the soleplate and the boiler to preserve your steam iron for a long time and to avoid fibre damage.