We all agree that housework, boring as it is, needs to be done. But we can transform it into a genuine workout, having fun and burning calories! Did you ever think of that? More time for you, a fit body and a clean home.

Always be careful about what you're doing, without forcing joints. If you move properly, the exercises will work better, and you'll avoid any unwanted consequences.

OK, turn on the music and let's get fit! Here are the exercises we suggest to help you stay in shape while cleaning:

1 WALK QUICKLY ON THE STAIRS all the time you're cleaning. It's better not to run; and keep your hands free, to ensure safety.

2 SQUAT TO PUT THINGS AWAY. When picking up things from the floor, separate your feet and keep them aligned with your hips. Bend your knees as you go down, keeping your back straight and contracting your abdominals.

3 FORWARD BENDS are an alternative to squats. With your knees slightly bent and your feet apart and aligned with your hips, move your torso forward with your hands reaching towards the floor until you feel a pleasant lengthening of the spine. This exercise is appropriate only when picking up light objects, so that you protect your back.


Challenge your family members to a house cleaning race. See who can clean their room first -- work is more fun when everyone is cooperating!

5 VACUUM CLEANER LUNGES to strengthen leg muscles. While breathing out, take large steps, bending your front leg and simultaneously flexing your back leg until the knee is just a few centimetres from the ground. Alternate left and right.

6 DANCE around the house while you clean.

As well as being fun, this is an excellent way to burn calories!

7 STRETCH WHILE DUSTING. Dust with one hand while keeping the other lifted up, elongating all the muscles and contracting your abdominals. Alternate left and right.

8 IRONING for at least an hour burns around 150 calories. Be sure to stand properly: back straight, feet slightly apart, moving from right to left.

9 PAY ATTENTION TO POSTURE while sitting: avoid crossing your legs, keep your feet firmly on the floor, contract your abdominals, keep your back straight, lengthening the spine, relax your shoulders and lower your chin slightly to relax your neck.