Here are our 4 tips for preparing your home for Spring cleaning:

1. Remove the furrows from carpets and rugs

Most people like to change décor once in a while, or if there are money constraints to economise why not move the furniture around. The only problem with doing that is the furrows in carpets and rugs left behind by the furniture. We have a solution: spread the grooves with ice cubes and allow to dissolve slowly; after which it will be enough to gently lift the fibres with the help of a spoon, or go over it directly with the vacuum cleaner and ... voila, like new!

2. Sanitize cleaning tools

Fortunately, the use of steam allows us not only to remove detergents, but also to reduce the number of tools needed for cleaning the house; however, even shoes, caps and sponges should be properly sanitized to help in removing dirt, otherwise it will eventually spread germs on to surfaces. All the cloths supplied with our products can be safely washed in the washing machine, while sponges may not.

Tip: moisten and place sponges on the plate of the microwave, then turn it on to maximum temperature for two minutes ; let the sponge cool in the microwave and finally re-use totally germ-free! Easy!

3. Rearrange and reorganize

Often spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get organised and find new solutions to keep the home clean and tidy longer.

Parents, in particular, are found every year in the face of new challenges because children grow and change all the time! It’s good to plan to adapt the home environment, and to try to find new ways of keeping order to the chaos.

Here’s a little solution to keep baby bibs in order and always at hand: just use one of the classic adhesive hooks for the kitchen and apply it on the back of the high chair.


4.Clean the blender quickly and naturally

Spring means to not only throw open the windows and spruce the house, but also ourselves; therefore green light to smoothies and blended fruit and vegetables to get your fill of vitamins and give new energy to our body.

If the thought of cleaning the blender fills you with dread, fear no more we have a simple solution: fill the container of your blender with soapy water and run it for a few seconds; the result will amaze you.