The days are getting shorter and the gentle breezes are replaced by wetter and cooler winds: these are the first signs of autumn, which brings with it memories of holidays and the thought of having to spend more time on cleaning the home.

Before hibernating mode with a warm blanket, steaming herbal tea and TV box set, you need to prepare the house to welcome the autumn. Ignoring detergents and chemicals that are harmful to the environment and our health, steam cleaning is the best solution for a clean and sanitized home.

Where to start? First make sure that everything that wasn't used in the warm summer months still works.. For example, light bulbs: not only the internal ones, but also the external ones. And if you need to replace them, choose those with low energy impact. Another example? Heating, including fireplaces, stoves and flues. For those lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, if it wasn't cleaned during spring cleaning, it's important to clean the chimney now before using it, always relying on a specialist to avoid unpleasant accidents.

If the bricks inside the fireplace have blackened over time, simply apply a paste made with cream of tartar and a little water for about 10 minutes. Rinse and ... voila, the bricks will be like new!

The most important part of closed fireplaces and stoves is the glass front which becomes opaque and black with heat. How can you make it shine again? Just take a damp cloth and dip it in the ash, rub it on the glass and then rinse.

As noted above, steam cleaning the home is an excellent way to eliminate the use of chemicals and detergents, whilst always having a clean and perfectly sanitized house. What can you clean with steam as a part of your late summer cleaning?


Steam is ideal for cleaning radiators because it reaches and moves away dirt  from even the most difficult spaces; you can't deny that with traditional tools you can never get where you would like to.

A steam cleaner in hand, the right accessory and you're done. Clean  radiators ready for use.


After a break due to the summer heat, in autumn we return to bake cakes and delicacies that warm up and pleasantly perfume the house. Steam also helps to clean the oven because it dissolves and removes encrusted dirt using only tap water, without leaving the doubt of not having rinsed properly. The ideal is to use a steam vacuum cleaner that can suck, vaporize and dry. Warning: to avoid unpleasant accidents disconnect the oven from the electricity before cleaning.


It's the perfect time to change curtains, preferring a heavier fabric that will also help preserve heat. A useful tip after washing: hang the curtains while they're still wet so that the weight helps to naturally remove the creases.

How to use steam in this case? To freshen up the curtains during the cold months without resorting to washing. Using a steam cleaner with suction, the combined action of steam and suction eliminates dust and removes odours.


Steam is also essential for cleaning mattresses, which is as important a task as it is a neglected one. At every change of season it's good to turn the mattress both to shift the weight distribution, and to take advantage of the possible autumn/winter or spring/summer side. But this isn't enough to avoid the accumulation of dead cells, dust and dirt that cause the onset of allergies. Steaming the mattress is an operation that should be done periodically. Also in this case, a steam cleaner with suction is the right tool.


Steam is also an excellent ally for bathroom and kitchen cleaning. Late summer cleaning is an opportunity to clean up drawers and cupboards. Start by emptying and cleaning them, checking that all the contents are in good condition and still usable: broken objects and expired food will be thrown away as will creams and cosmetics that have been opened and not used for a long time. After that you can sanitize every corner of these rooms, passing the steam everywhere, even along tile grouting and on the hob.


Outside cleaning should not be underestimated:  with steam you can clean deck chairs, umbrellas, outdoor sofas, tables and so on to keep them in the best shape for next summer. You can also remove those stubborn stains on the floor and clean the barbecue.

Finally, before the beginning of the autumn rains, remember to check that gutters and drainage grids are free from foliage to avoid obstructions and flooding.