Polti steamers are revolutionary cleaning products that are sweeping across the nation. They can deep clean any part of your home with the chemical-free power of steam, hot and strong enough to blast away tough dirt and grime build ups. Not only does steam offer incredible advantages, but it’s easy to use, quick to clean, and is 100% natural.


The high pressure and temperature of steam remove and dissolve dirt, while eliminating bacteria and germs. Reaching a temperature of up to 248°F, steam loosens and dissolves dirt, allergens, and dust mites by capturing all of its harmful particles and eliminating them from your home. Steam is also an all-natural sanitizer that can effectively protect your health and prevent allergic reactions and respects the environment. Cleaning with steam offers great advantages, such as prevention from touching or breathing in potentially dangerous chemical detergents.


Bacteria have been known to develop a biological resistance to chemical cleaning products over time due to their overuse, not unlike the development of resistance to antibiotics. According to Better Health Channel, most consumers don’t know that many chemical cleaning products are no more effective at inhibiting infection than using regular soap with warm water. In fact, many of these products actually contain certain antibacterial agents such as triclosan, which if used too frequently could lead to bacterial resistance from these substances. Moppy removes and kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Furthermore, bacteria cannot build up a resistance to steam because heated steam breaks them down at a cellular level (like fire burning away germs to sanitize a needle).

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Often times, traditional cleaning methods that use chemicals, such as mops, just push around bacteria without leaving areas fully clean. After repeated dunks of the mop, the once-pure diluted cleaning solution is now contaminated with germs, soils and bacteria from the floor. This is problematic because if there are certain pathogens present in one specific area, those pathogens are then spread to the remainder of the floor due to the re-dunking and re-distributing of the same dirty mop and water. The solution is immediate, practical and quick: Moppy sanitizes with its hot steam charged cloth, without detergents or added chemicals. The Moppy is light, handy and cordless, making it ideal for all types of floors and even washable vertical surfaces. Learn more about Moppy on our website.

Source: Cleaning and Maintenance Management


Steam cleaning is the safest and most effective way to eliminate bacteria without any microbial resistance. Unlike traditional cleaning methods or products, the high temperature of steam can blast away dirt and bacteria for much longer periods of time. Because the Moppy is all natural, there is no chance for bacterial resistance from added chemical detergents. The safest clean is nonexistent until it’s Polti clean.