Having a clean and tidy car is not always easy, especially for those who constantly have to work or have a large family with lots of pets. But why resort to expensive specialist car washes when you have a do-it-yourself solution at your fingertips?

Steam cleaning your car interior allows you to remove dirt, wash and sanitize seats and any other interior surfaces, without the need for additional products. If you are lucky enough to have a steam cleaner at home, you can clean the interior of the car from top to bottom with incredible results and minimum effort. Here are some tips to steam clean the car well and avoid mistakes.


The correct cleaning of the car and its interior is an operation that should be performed regularly, not only to make the vehicle presentable and tidy, but also to keep it in prime condition longer.

Dirt, dust, food remnants, human hair and animal hair tend to accumulate every day, but using a car wash can be expensive. Better to opt for a convenient and effective DIY solution. Without the need to resort to chemicals or alternative natural remedies, with steam cleaning of car interiors the result is also guaranteed from a hygienic point of view.

Thanks to a Vaporetto or, even better, a multifunctional vacuum cleaner and the sanitizing power of steam, you can perfectly clean every corner of the passenger compartment, including the seats, the mats and the boot. Some models of steam cleaners are also equipped with a fabric brush, perfect for effective cleaning of the seats.


Before starting to steam clean inside your car, we suggest clearing out any unnecessary objects and emptying ashtrays and bins. Once you've done this, you can start to focus on cleaning the car, not forgetting the boot and storage areas, removing all the dust and dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a multi-purpose steam and vacuum cleaner.

Once dust and dirt have been removed, start steam cleaning, remembering to adjust the intensity and the jet of steam to avoid damaging any surfaces. With the steam jet or the special car cleaning brush you can wash and sanitize the glove compartment, roof interior, floor mats, floor, pedals, center console, boot interior and even the engine compartment.


One of the good reasons for choosing a steam cleaner for car interiors is the opportunity to thoroughly wash and sanitize seats and fabric upholstery.

After the preliminary phase of suction and removal of dirt, you can clean the fabric seats with a Vaporetto or a steam cleaner. If you've never done it before, we suggest you test the steam on a small, less visible surface before proceeding with the rest; after the test, you can steam cleaning the whole of car interior without concern.

Steam cleaning of leather seats deserves a separate discussion. As a rule, this procedure is not recommended as the leather tends to expand  due to heat and may become damaged or stained. In this case, it's better to use specific products for cleaning leather or contact a professional.