Steam cleaning has long been an effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods. With a steam cleaner you can sanitize and clean the whole house from top to bottom, using the power of high temperature water, in a practical and fast way. With just the steam, without the addition of detergents, you can effectively remove even the most stubborn and difficult stains with minimum effort, with an eye on the environment and savings in bills. If you are thinking of buying a cleaner or floor cleaner for your home, here are 10 good reasons to choose steam cleaning and say goodbye to traditional systems.

  1. Deep hygiene throughout the home The natural steam, produced by the high temperature water, has a strong hygienic power. One of the main advantages of steam cleaning is the certainty of impeccable cleanliness and deep hygiene: numerous tests, carried out by independent laboratories, have shown that with a steam cleaner up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and moulds can be eliminated from all the washable surfaces of the home.
  1. Say goodbye to mites and allergens Dust, mites, moulds and animal hair are among the main enemies of the air quality inside your home. Unlike traditional systems, steam cleaning ensures effective removal of dust mites and other allergens. Some of the best steam cleaners on the market are specially designed for allergy sufferers, helping to make the air healthier and breathable for the whole family.

3. Effectiveness on fat and grease Cleaning objects such as kitchen hood or barbecue filters requires more effort and specific products. With a steam cleaner, difficult stains and encrusted grease can be dissolved in a short time without the need for detergents or descaling products.

4. Clean all surfaces Among the good reasons for preferring steam cleaning over traditional methods, the ability to effectively sanitise and clean every surface in the house, even the most difficult to reach, certainly stands out. Examples? Joints of floors and tiles, drains, shower cubicles, hobs, mirrors, sanitary ware, curtains and other fabrics are just some of the surfaces that you can sanitise with the steam jet of your cleaner.

5. Eliminate bad odours A house that is clean from top to bottom is also a fresh and fragrant home. Thanks to the effectiveness of steam cleaning you can also eliminate bad odours (such as smoke and cooking smells) from sofas, mattresses and carpets, and don't forget sinks, drains and waste bins.

6. Save money Cleaning the floors and other surfaces of your home can involve the use of a large number of products and tools. One of the main benefits of steam cleaning is the ability to achieve significant cost savings thanks to reduced water consumption, without the need to use detergents and chemicals.

7. Good for the environment Less wasting of water and zero chemicals mean greater care of the environment. In addition, our new-generation steam cleaner and floor cleaner models are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 25% and water consumption by up to 30% compared to previous models.

8. Less tiring Use a steam cleaner for special cleaning as well as for daily cleaning; it gives you unbeatable cleanliness and hygiene with less effort.

9. Speed Stubborn stains to treat? Grease encrusted surfaces to be washed and rinsed? Just put the water in the tank and wait a few minutes to get a steam jet that can clean every surface of the house very quickly and without effort.

10. Practical For some it will seem only a small advantage, but for you it could be essential. You should know that the models of steam cleaners currently on sale are designed for the comfort of users: ultra-light, easy to handle, super-accessorized steam mops and cylinder cleaners so you really won't miss your old-fashioned traditional cleaning methods .