By now you know perfectly well the advantages of steam cleaning: a clean, healthy and sanitised house. You also know that you don't need any kind of chemical products or detergents, because the power of steam dissolves dirt and neutralises dust mites, germs and bacteria. You can no longer do without the feeling of freshness you feel in your home: no unpleasant odours or detergent scents that linger for too long, with the mistaken conviction that deep down cleaning means drowning in perfume.

We have learned how to get our bathrooms, kitchens, mattresses, carpets, floors and windows perfectly clean... But what don't you know yet? That the list of objects you can clean in this way is much longer than you can imagine. Some examples?


BARBECUE Remove residues from your barbecue after summer parties. Dissolve grease and sauces from the grill and other parts of the barbecue. You can also clean the utensils: spatulas, tongs, and other tools will all be spotless for the next time your friends come over.


CAR Upholstery, windscreen, headlights, and also wheel rims and tyres: that typical black residue made of tar and dust found on rims can be easily removed with high pressure steam, maintaining a distance of at least 20 centimetres.


CHILDREN'S TOYS Use steam on plastic toys, and also on stuffed animals, where those pesky dust mites like to hide - take care with any electric parts. While you're at it, pass over the changing table, the crib, the stroller...


GARDEN EQUIPMENT Remove crusted on dirt from your garden tools and put them away without worrying that they will leave bits of soil everywhere.


DRAINS AND TRAPS Send steam down sink or shower drains, you dissolve the dirt that produces unpleasant odours. Rinse, steam again, and toss in a few spoonfuls of baking soda.


THE TOPS OF CABINETS If the material is safe, after dusting, clean the tops of cabinets with steam.


TOOTHBRUSHES Sanitise your toothbrush, keeping the steam source at least 20 centimetres away, and remembering to place the toothbrush where the bristles can dry easily, so as to avoid the formation of bacteria.


KITCHEN HOOD FILTER You can easily dissolve the grease deposited on the filter. If you want to clean the hood itself, remember to disconnect the electricity, cover all electric parts with waterproof material, and dry everything perfectly before reconnecting the power.