If your child suffers from allergies, keeping them away from the things that trigger them is the simplest solution. Allergens produced by dust mites are the most common cause of allergies throughout the year. Although it's almost impossible to completely eliminate the mites present in your home and on your clothes and textiles, with some planning it's possible to reduce them considerably.

The nursery is the place where your child spends most of his time; here you can find common allergens, such as dust mites, mould, pet hair and pollen that can travel in the air and settle on objects in the room. Keeping the level of allergens under control can avoid dripping noses, continuous sneezing and red and puffy eyes.

Although it's impossible to eliminate dust mites completely, with some planning it's possible to reduce them, prevent them from spreading and, consequently, decrease your baby's exposure. Remember to always use natural and ecological methods in your daily cleaning.

  1. Wash sheets and blankets at least weekly: this exploits the natural action of bicarbonate which, dissolved in hot water or used as a powder, acts on the dust mites and avoids their proliferation.
  2. Mattress cleaning: for allergy sufferers it's important, once a week, to sanitise the mattress and also the upholstery and fabric toys with a steam cleaner, ideal to avoid the onset of allergies.
  3. In your daily cleaning,use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or water filter which, thanks to a vortex generated inside the collection bucket, traps the dust, preventing it from returning to the environment.
  4. Avoid carpets and rugs: if this isn't possible, remember to clean them with a vacuum cleaner with a special filter, useful for catching and holding mites, pollen and dust. An alternative solution could be the use of washable mats.

In addition to these cleaning steps, it's helpful to get your child used to a simple routine.

To prevent the growth of mould, encourage your child not to leave dirty or damp clothes on the floor and empty the laundry basket often. Also, before wearing new clothes, wash them in the washing machine: clothes often remain in warehouses for a long time and this can cause the mites to proliferate.

Keep animals out of the nursery and vacuum often to reduce the presence of hair.

Ban smoking in the home: this can aggravate asthmatic symptoms.

Finally, even if it seems obvious, ask your child not to eat in the room: the crumbs may attract insects which can be the cause of allergic reactions.

With these small attentions to detail the allergic symptoms of your child and others should be alleviated.