Whether they are dogs, cats, ferrets or something else, pets frequently seem to turn into tiny "tornadoes", leaving obvious traces of their presence everywhere. Does this mean you have to say goodbye to your perfectly clean and tidy house? Of course not. Here are some ideas to minimise the damage and keep your house tidy and clean:

Kitchen/dining room

No more water and pet food scatter across the floor in the kitchen with this simple sliding drawer that is taken out when necessary. Plus, the upper part can transform into a tiny pantry to keep everything within reach.

For our four legged friends who are getting a bit older, this raised solution can be helpful, as they no longer need to bend down. It can also store their favourite toys.

The invisible litter box

No matter how much we love cats, living with a litter box in the house is not really so great...and here's how we hide it!

In our opinion, the living room is not the ideal location. Nonetheless, this solution seems very interesting - in the end, there's nothing a colourful curtain can't improve!

For dedicated DIYers, we also recommend two slightly more intense projects to create real decorative objects: a chic decorated bench and a minimalist total white cabinet.

Dedicated areas

To keep the home tidy everything absolutely must have its place, so even Fido's things need to be perfectly organised. Create a small area near the entryway with every needed for walks, or a colourful cabinet which can also hold biscuits, food and toys.