The classic symptoms that afflict allergy sufferers in the spring can also be seen frequently in the autumn. The causes of autumnal allergies are not all that different from those normally thought of: pollen (Artemisia absinthium, ragweed, pellitory or grasses) is one of the main allergens, together with mould and dust mites.


In the home, all of these microscopic particles make up what is generally called dust.


Among the various types of pollen, ragweed is the main allergen. This plant generally pollinates in August, but will sometimes continue on into the autumn. Persons subject to spring allergies are frequently also allergic to ragweed. Ragweed pollen can travel long distances, transported by the wind, so individuals may suffer the effects, even if they don't live in the area where the plant grows. It generally grows on roadsides, near railway tracks and on uncultivated land. Most pollen and allergens found in the home are on the floor or under the carpets.


Mould and fungi can create respiratory allergic reactions, sometimes quite serious. Spores, which release embryotoxic, can be found in both humid open air environments and inside the home. Fungi living in closed environments, specifically Aspergillus and Penicillium, grow when humidity exceeds 50-60%, and deposit themselves on floors, carpets, walls, rugs, furniture and food.

Dust mites

These are present throughout the year, but can quickly spread through the air when the heating is turned on during the first cold days in the autumn or winter. This helps the dust mites enter the nose, causes sneezes, difficulty breathing and runny noses. Dust mites and their excrement are the main components of domestic dust and they proliferate under hot and humid conditions.

In addition to airing out rooms and keeping internal humidity between 30 and 50%, when there are allergy sufferers in the home it is important to clean rooms more frequently, remembering to vacuum surfaces.

Lecologico has revolutionised vacuuming. In fact, within it, there is a special water filter that eliminates dusty paper bags and traps dust, dust mites and pollen, without any dispersion. The special water vortex generated draws the incoming air into the water and keeps it there, capturing dirt and impeding it from returning to your home.

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For this reason, the British Allergy Foundation has awarded Lecologico its Seal of Approval, as a vacuum cleaner effective in eliminating allergens.