You've learned all the tricks for doing laundry and hanging it up to dry, you've established the perfect routine to avoid accumulating  mountains of items to iron and you've equipped yourself with your trusty Vaporella... but that pile of shirts and dresses is still never ironed quickly enough!

In addition to steam quality and power, the type of ironing board or surface you use to iron on plays a fundamental role. For example, if the board is not breathable, all the steam will return upwards, leaving the ironed item very damp and, in some cases, creating the risk of burns.

Real professional ironing boards include specific functions to further speed up ironing and obtain even more perfect results.

Here are the advantages a professional ironing board can offer:


The surface of the ironing board heats up, allowing fabrics to dry more quickly and guaranteeing quicker and easier ironing. Ironed items can be put away immediately.


A light puff of air lifts up the lightest and most delicate items from the ironing board, allowing you to iron with just the power of the Vaporella steam, without applying pressure to the fabric.


Items don't move around on the board, avoiding the creation of wrinkles. In addition, the breathable surface allows the steam to penetrate further into the fabric, and eliminates excess steam, leaving the board dry.