When cleaning the house, it's important to be organised - to have a plan of action that helps you save time and effort. Generally, after having washed, dusted, made the beds and cleaned the windows, and the more there are the more time it takes, we finish by cleaning the floor.

First of all, before steam cleaning, it's important to vacuum up the dirt deposited when you dusted: eliminating the dirt on the floor by vacuuming might seem like a simple task, but actually, we can offer you some tips to optimise the results.

Start by removing obstacles from the room, placing chairs on tables and removing rugs and objects from the floor. Once ready, here are the steps to follow for easy and thorough cleaning:


By vacuuming slowly, especially on carpets, you collect more dust. Focus especially on corners and remember to get under furniture, moving lighter pieces.

Plus, this cleaning method is much less tiring!


Attach a bag to the hook on your vacuum cleaner to collect anything too large to be vacuumed up. In this way you won't have to continuously stop what you are doing.


Take an old pair of tights and slip them over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, fastening them with an elastic band. This is a practical way to avoid vacuuming up small objects that you merely want to dust, or to protect delicate items like fabric flowers.


This might seem obvious, but it is the perfect way to ensure you don't keep passing over the same areas. Start at the corner farthest from the door and always choose the socket closest to the exit. You won't have to go back over areas you have already cleaned.