A vacuum cleaner, your irreplaceable ally for daily cleaning, is an indispensable cleaning tool for quickly removing dust and dirt from every surface of the house, not just from the floor. The vacuum cleaner is the ideal companion for those who want to always have a perfectly clean and tidy home and spend a lot effort on daily cleaning, but also for those who don't like spending a lot of time removing dirt.

But often the performance of the vacuum cleaner diminishes over time: suddenly it seems that the tool you love most for your cleaning works less well. This is usually caused by poor maintenance of the appliance. It seems trivial, but cleaning the vacuum cleaner after each use, accompanied by occasional thorough cleaning, will allow the appliance to perform better.

There are some steps you should take after using your vacuum cleaner. To ensure that your vacuum cleaner continues to vacuum as if it were new, it's essential to clean the brush after each use. Then remove dust and hair stuck between the bristles. Some models of cordless vacuum cleaners have water-washable elements: check whether yours is one of these and, if so, rinse the brush under running water. Then let it dry completely before reassembling the appliance.

Today there is a great variety of vacuum cleaners on the market. Usually, a cordless vacuum cleaner is also a bagless vacuum cleaner. You therefore need to remember, after each use, to empty the dirt collection tank. The process is simple and fast: just one click and the device is ready for new use.

Thorough cleaning of the vacuum cleaner is not limited to just these small steps. Depending on the frequency of use, a more thorough cleaning of the appliance is essential every 3 - 4 months. This involves, in addition to the ordinary cleaning of the brush and the collection tank, also cleaning the filters. Some models, such as Polti's Forzaspira Slimhave a Hepa filter, which is essential for retaining even the smallest particles of dirt and recirculating clean air. This type of filter is washable: just disassemble it and rinse it. Let it dry thoroughly before using the appliance again.

Let's not forget to clean the accessories.

Long life for your cordless vacuum cleaner is possible. Start with these simple steps.