Cleaning the home is not one of the most enjoyable hobbies, if you can call it that. Indeed, it's often a real burden: tiredness, little desire and above all lack of time are among the main causes that lead you to put off  house cleaning. This doesn't stop everyone preferring to have a house that is always clean and tidy even when the hectic life hinders perfect cleaning. But is it possible to clean the house quickly?

Don't forget to remove detergents and chemicals from your cleaning rituals: take care of the environment, choosing natural and ecological cleaning methods.

The key to being able to clean the house quickly every day is to have the correct cleaning tools. Among the equipment useful for daily cleaning you must have a vacuum cleanerThere are now so many models available. Cordless vacuum cleaners make moving freely around the house simple. Pay attention, though, to the suction power: if the chosen model has adjustable power, you must select the suction suitable for the surface being cleaned.

A vacuum cleaner is not only useful for floors. The models with integrated portable vacuum cleaners can also be used for the targeted cleaning of furniture, shelves, bookcases and upholstered items.

By adding steam to the suction system, you can also quickly sanitize the entire house. The indispensable companion of daily cleaning is the steam-based floor cleaner. Convenient, practical and quick, it lets you sanitize any surface with just the power of steam. Forget the mop and bucket: detergents are no longer needed, cleaning the house becomes really quick and your hands are always dry.

Choosing a model that allows it, like Polti Moppy, just change the cloth to transform the steam cleaner into a dust trapper. Then, you will also reduce dust mites.

Also, don't forget to keep to hand products that could help in natural cleaning such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon.

A good tip is to always use a specific cloth for each surface to perfect your cleaning. It would be good practice to choose a different coloured cloth for each room to be cleaned: for example kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.

Remember some simple tips for a clean house, such as keeping a microfiber cloth close to the sink to wipe up any splashes and avoid the formation of limescale, and reminding family members to put things away when they've used them. Get in the habit of cleaning the hob immediately after using it: avoid encrusted dirt. And filling the dishwasher immediately after meals, keeps the kitchen tidier.

 Take a few minutes to open the windows in the morning: air the room before making the beds.

Cleaning the house can be simple, quick and less tiring with the right planning.