For some it's a place of chaos, for others an indispensable space in the organization of the house, whilst others don't really think about it. This is the utility room, useful for arranging various appliances: from the washing machine to the tumble dryer, from the airing rack to the ironing board and the cleaning tools. For those lucky enough to have one, organising the utility room helps to have more order and to keep everything close at hand so that you save time managing most of the household chores, as well as not making the other rooms of your home unsightly.

Whether it's large or small, it's ideal to take full advantage of the space dedicated to it, with all its facilities. And to organise the utility room, especially when the available space is limited, it's useful to consider space-saving solutions such as stacking the washing machine and the tumble dryer and choosing efficient, but not bulky, household cleaning appliances.

Here are 4 useful tips to optimise your space:

Baskets for dirty clothes

These come in all colours, all materials and all shapes and sizes. Laundry baskets are useful for keeping order and dividing dirty laundry: asking family members to separate white items from coloured clothing will also reduce the washing machine loading time. If space permits, it's ideal to add additional baskets to divide the various types of garments.


Little space for a drying rack? The choice is between a vertical drying rack or a folding wall rack so it doesn't get in the way, especially in winter when it will be used more often. There are different sizes and shapes. You can also make one: just use two walls to create a space in which to fix hooks, ideal for hangers and for drying clothes.

Put away the iron and ironing board

When the ironing is finished, the ironing board can be closed and hung on the wall with hooks. As for the ironif the model allows it simply lock the iron to the base, insert the cables in the compartments provided and move it to a shelf or handy cupboard until the next use.

Keep tools close at hand

Yes it seems obvious, but keeping objects such as clothes pegs, hangers, bottles, etc. tidy will avoid any unnecessary waste of time.

More order and organization, more free time!