Beverley Martin, Business Development of Polti, explains how to help the UK achieve a Natural Home Feeling.

What are the main cleaning habits of the UK people?

Cleaning and household chores take up many hours per week for the average UK household. As a nation we are quite house proud and with all the pressures that everyone has on their time nowadays, most people would very much like to spend less time cleaning, ideally with better results. Many tasks such as cleaning windows and ovens are often left due to time constraints and of course we also use a lot of cleaning products trying to get all the jobs done more quickly.

Natural Home Feeling. What does it mean for UK?

Recently everyone has become more aware of the damage that the chemicals in cleaning products can do to your health. Many families, especially those with small children or allergy sufferers, are looking for solutions to use less chemicals. We are starting to discover products that use steam and realising that there is an alternative. Using steam to clean more effectively, efficiently and without detergents or chemicals saves time and money as well as providing a more natural feeling in your home. As a leader in steam technology Polti is an expert in helping families and #homelovers around the world to live in a more natural home environment.

If you say Polti in the UK, you think of…

using the natural power of steam to take care of your family and your home.
During the past 40 years Polti has taken advantage of its knowledge to become a leader in steam technology and household cleaning, producing products that take care of the environment as well as the home. In 2018 Polti celebrated 40 years of innovation with a clear goal: to make everyday life easier by proposing innovative solutions. We want to share this passionate and successful story with all people who know Polti products and also with those who don't know them yet but who are #homelovers.

Up to now your best goal/success achieved is…

Working with Polti has been inspiring, in the UK many new products have been launched and there are two in particular that I consider important based on my professional experience: Polti La Vaporella and Polti Vaporella Next.
As part of the launch of these two Polti Vaporella steam generator irons we planned TV shows and it was really exciting to work with production team on the best way to present the benefits, the distinctive features of Polti Vaporella and the Polti values that were communicated during the shows.
Knowing later that people have purchased a Polti Vaporella is very rewarding and we can see from their feedback that they appreciate the ease of use and excellent results, they recognize Polti as a company with 40 years of experience and share the same values of respect, family and love for home.
The goal is not to stop here, we are working to bring the natural feeling of Polti and its products to UK homes, innovative solutions that add value to the commitment of #homelovers who love take care of their home.