Matteo Vallerin, Graphic Design Coordinator

I joined the company in 2001. At that time the graphics office had an office manager who led a team of 2 people. After about 2 years with this set up the manager took another work opportunity and my colleague and I found ourselves managing the office and our daily workloads. We were young and eager to learn.

I was really fascinated by a company that was structured with an internal graphics office without using an external communication agency. This was such an innovative choice for the time as it allowed us to be flexible, responsive and to satisfy all last minute requests. The market was changing and the company had seen the need to be fast and dynamic.

It was Mr. Polti’s habit, towards the end of each working day, to visit the offices for a simple “hello” or to discuss with the employees the progress of their work. One evening he stopped in our office and closed the door to tell us that we would no longer have a manager because the company had decided to help us grow professionally and take responsibility.

The company had just successfully launched Vaporetto Lecoaspira on the market and the amount of work had increased significantly. The words of Mr. Polti therefore contained a great challenge for us: taking the reins of the office and managing our time, setting priorities, according to the deadlines and objectives. The motivation and the push that those words gave us are still very present in my memory, the pride of being part of a company that in such a positive and busy moment had decided to believe in us and give us responsibilities.

Over the years, I became the contact in the graphics office, both for colleagues and for General Management and today I have the role of Graphic Design Coordinator.

A significant year for my professional growth was 2014, a turning point year, the project of rebranding all the corporate communication - starting from the logo - in which I participated from the beginning. This was new for me as I had always worked on a brand identity that was already structured and defined. The team that followed the project with the Managing Director, Francesca Polti, allowed a 360 ° approach involving more skills and allowing a broad and complete vision.

My work also involves the creation and definition of the packaging of our products, the “business” card of the product itself at the point of sale and for the consumer.

Our changed approach to the design of the product packaging coincided with the launch of a new product, Unico. By revisiting the image, the structure of the information and the new graphics layout, each package has become a fundamental part of the communication strategy.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is …

Passion, because I’ve found it in all the people who have worked and still work for the company. Motivated people who carry on their work with involvement and dedication. Above all those who have a long-standing experience, have a commitment and a passion towards the company that is really unique.

I am proud to be part of an Italian company that has succeeded and still manages to compete with determination with multinational corporations.