Moppy, the new system by Polti for cleaning floors and washable vertical surfaces, has been chosen by Italian consumers as the Product of the Year 2018 in the Floor Cleaning Systems category. Polti Moppy is Voted Product of the Year 2018. An important recognition that rewards the INNOVATION of the product and confirms the innovative drive of the company in the year of the celebration of its 40th birthday. Internationally, the Product of the Year Award has been awarded for more than 30 years and is recognized as a message capable of influencing consumer opinion. The Prize is awarded through Product of the Year research, the most important survey of innovation on the market in Italy: more than 12,000 individuals involved, from 15 to over 65 years, to give the possibility to all the different age groups to vote. Through an online questionnaire, the consumer evaluates the products, which are grouped by categories, on innovation and satisfaction, while the organization adds a general survey on the attitudes, expectations and feelings towards this innovation, on the role of the brand and further insights into the products and their consumers. The final result is Moppy Voted Product of the Year 2018. Designed and assembled in Italy, Moppy was born with the aim of offering consumers a solution designed to change the way they take care of the house, bringing them all the benefits they seek when preparing to clean the floors with little time available: ease, effectiveness, speed and comfort. Moppy consists of an ultra light and agile cordless mop in anodized aluminum and a steam charging base with a continuous refill tank. In just 10 seconds the base is ready to produce the steam necessary to impregnate the microfibre cloth of the mop, allowing you to clean by sanitizing all types of floor, quickly and without leaving streaks. MOPPY is eco-friendly, light and fast and, thanks to its dual function of dust capture and surface cleaning, is a practical and effective solution for daily cleaning. In fact, laboratory tests certify the double efficacy of MOPPY in removing 99.9% of germs and bacteria* from surfaces and eliminating them by positioning the mop with the cloth back on the charging base. MOPPY will make you try a new cleaning experience, a new way to wash and sanitize the floors, removing and capturing dirt effectively in seconds and in total comfort. The benefits that Moppy offers are multiple:
  • Remove and eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Uses no chemicals, only tap water
  • Leaves surfaces immediately dry and without streaks, thanks to the special microfibre cloths
  • Hands are always clean and dry, it is not necessary to touch and wring the cloth and gloves are not needed
  • No need for a bucket, no more splashes and or weight to move
  • Water saving, with 0.7 liters you can clean up to 200 square meters
  • Practical to handle and transport
  • Free and effortless cleaning with an ultra-light, swivel and cordless mop
Moppy Voted Product of the Year 2018 Let’s start the #moppyevolution.

PdA © market research on a pre-selection of innovative products sold in Italy, conducted by IRI on 12,000 consumers over 15 years, held in January 2018. cat. Floor cleaning systems

* Moppy has been tested on the most common bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Aspergillus brasiliensis. Moppy, used correctly following the instructions in the user manual, removes 99.9% of bacteria from the surfaces in just one pass and retains them. Moppy eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the cloth during steam charging on the charging base.