Diego Borghi, After Sales Specialist

I started my experience in Polti 20 years ago working first on the assembly line, then in the technical department and now I deal with After Sales.

Specifically, I am the contact person for the service provider and for the service centers that deal with Polti products throughout Italy, the point of reference for technical problems. I also look after the supply of spare parts, the statistical analysis of repairs and the drafting and updating of the technical documentation that is made available to service centers in Italy and in the world through our dedicated website.

This adventure began in 2012 when, due to my experience in the technical field, I was involved in the creation of an internal department dedicated to After Sales, which until then had been managed externally. Through a structured path undertaken with an external consultant, I was part of the team that redefined and rewrote the entire After Sales process.

The way that we have restructured the After Sales process has, as its strength, the sharing and collaboration of all the departments involved in the process, from the warehouse to the forwarder, from accounting to purchasing, as well as to the technical office, the laboratory and to marketing and sales.

Sharing the activities of all the players involved has allowed us to widen our knowledge of the various steps in the process and to understand the work that was carried out before and after our own area. In less than a year, we added value by creating an efficient After Sales department and significantly improving our customer service. The saving of time and costs has been one of the immediate advantages, as well as greater efficiency and effectiveness in managing the whole process.

Within this year we will conclude other important steps, with the aim of being available and more and more responsive towards our audience.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is…


"1978" because it is a date that makes me reflect. In 1978 I hadn’t been born, while Polti created its first products and after 40 years it’s still contemporary.

The second word that is important for me is "Lecoaspira" for the reason that it was a revolutionary project begun shortly after I joined the company. Lecoaspira is a perfect combination of ideas, innovation, technology, foresight, with the tradition and experience that distinguishes us.