The meaning of being part of a team for Craig Dennis, Financial Accountant of Polti UK: cooperation with colleagues to achieve goals.

I have worked in Polti UK as a Financial Accountant for almost two years and I can say that this period has passed very quickly. From the first day of work, even from the job interview, what struck me was the enthusiasm of my colleagues - they speak with passion about the work they do, the products and the history of a company that was born 40 years ago in Italy. There is another positive aspect that I discovered day after day during my career in Polti and that I find an added value of an organization: each person in the team knows exactly what their colleagues do, this allows better communication between offices and above all it allows newcomers or colleagues from other offices to see business processes from different points of view, allowing them to identify areas for improvement or to suggest new solutions.

We are a close-knit team, in the office we encourage a relaxed climate and a mutual respect, we confront freely, we are not afraid to propose new ideas and to embrace them if they can help us to do better; the constructive debates happen daily, there is really a team culture always driven by a sense of cooperation and mutual trust.We help each other when we need to achieve a common goal; for example, each December as the year-end closure approaches, we have to value warehouse stocks. Although the warehouse is 16 miles away from Polti UK office and is not the responsibility of a Financial Accountant, I and my colleagues volunteer to go to the warehouse for a few days to count the stock. It’s an event that creates cohesion within the group and reinforces even more the relationship with our colleagues.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is…

Team. I spent a large part of my career working for a major UK bank, and although I was very successful and had many ‘top’ rated reviews it was possible for all my efforts to be lost in such a large organisation.

I feel that working at Polti UK there is much more of a ‘team’ feel. I have a good understanding of what my colleagues do and what their roles are, as indeed they understand mine. This allows us to help each other with any queries that may arise and put forward suggestions on any areas that can be improved. Also within our team culture it is much easier to share in any success, be it a good sales figures or praise from customers.