Wendy Nicholls, Customer Service Team Leader of Polti UK, reveals some little secret to help each customer, aiming for establish a relationship of trust.

Listening, patience and courtesy: the quality for an impeccable customer service

I’ve been part of the Polti UK team for 7 years. I have the role of Customer Service Team Leader and the beauty of my job is that every day is different from the other, you never know what the next customer is going to ask you. If on the one hand my work is unpredictable and never monotonous, on the other it’s essential to have rigour and method: being timely and precise are essential qualities for impeccable customer service, but not only that, I also need a good dose of patience and courtesy, to be able to listen to and identify with the customer. Today, in my experience, the customer wants to feel loved and if he has the perception of being listened to and helped, he will be more inclined to buy new products and to recommend Polti by word of mouth.

I remember a client who contacted us about a problem with his Vaporetto, not a current model, to which he was particularly attached. He seemed reluctant to be without it, even for the time of repair. Once the issue was solved, after a few months another one was presented, different from the previous one; this time the repair required more time and a simple solution was not enough, the customer needed some extra attention. I kept him constantly updated on the technical problems and how we were proceeding and when I called him for the last time to inform him that the product now worked perfectly, I gave him valuable tips for use to take advantage of all the potential of Vaporetto.

When I say I'm part of the Polti team it's really what I feel, in Polti UK the sense of belonging to the working group is very strong. Participation in a consumer fair in Manchester is an example and was an opportunity to strengthen the team spirit among colleagues. We were all involved and motivated to make Polti known as a company and to let customers try the products. My manager even took care of the preparation of the demo areas, taking care of every detail. From a personal point of view, it was great to talk with customers face to face and explain a product, Moppy; I'm excited about it because I find it unique in terms of ease of use. They were two days of hard work, but satisfying and enjoyable; in fact there were many funny episodes that we still refer to in the office.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is…

HEALTH. In my family we have people who suffer from allergies and asthma, so I’m very sensitive to the issues of health and the environment. At home we adopt small measures that are real life habits and when I started working in Polti and I discovered Vaporetto and Lecoaspira, it was love at first sight! I feel very much in line with the company's ethos: a constant and consistent commitment to offering products respecting the health and the environment, without using chemical detergents. A vocation that Polti has in its DNA but that everyone should responsibly adopt in their own little way, in everyday gestures.