August 21st is World Entrepreneurs’ Day, a day that aims to celebrate and promote corporate culture, innovation and leadership.

It’s an opportunity to raise awareness among young and would-be entrepreneurs about doing business and to encourage them to start new projects.

Today Francesca Polti tells us how she manages the company and gives some advice.

What does it mean to be a young entrepreneur driving the family business?

It means taking a leadership role with discipline and rigour, which does not mean creating a rigid and inflexible work climate. I feel that the added value that a woman manager brings to the company is precisely the determination together with a strong spirit of collaboration, flexibility, ability to listen, all conditions that promote change and innovation.

One of my great ambitions is to convert the company that my parents founded almost 40 years ago, from a family-run business to a more corporate one; respect for procedures is important but without losing the positive aspects of an informal environment, characterized by flexibility when taking decisions.

What is the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

To create a cohesive, competent team. To be able to convey passion, energy, enthusiasm and determination. Motivating and encouraging people is key to achieving goals together.

What skills should a young businessperson have?

They must be firm and determined, yet flexible and always willing to listen; they must be ready to question and have the right amount of skills needed to plan and reach goals.

What advice would you give to a young man or woman who decides to open a new company?

Doing business today means having courage and great dedication. The advice I give is not to fall at the first difficulties that might actually be seen as opportunities, without forgetting to “think consumer", listen to the market, listen to the customer, and innovate. And above all, I would recommend creating a team of people with specific skills, valuing them and motivating them.