Raquel Boada, Marketing Manager Spain and Portugal

I started my experience in Polti in March 2017 as Marketing Manager for Spain and Portugal. Coming from the US where the work culture is completely different, what I like most about Polti is the family feeling and the ease of approaching the top management of the company. The story of the business is really interesting and you can feel it through the products we develop as well as the people that work in the company.

Some months ago I organized the launch of a new product, La Vaporella and the celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary to the press along with our PR Agency. At this event, the owners of the company were present and spent all day chatting with all the guests. When I talk about the family feeling is exactly this; the approach the Polti family has with the employees, the press and also their involvement in each step the company does.

This past year in Polti has been a whole learning process for me full of exciting projects and new experiences. I got to work on the launch of a revolutionary product that I love, Moppy.

Among the activities I had to manage, it included the presentation of the product to employees, press and clients, the exclusive launch on our website, the introduction in our retail distribution, the coordination of multiple events and influencers’ collaborations and even the production of a TV spot. The opportunity of managing a 360º communication plan for a new product is really gratifying for a Marketing Manager.

Also, it is very interesting to see the integration of a traditional small domestic appliances company to the digital world. Nowadays it is much easier to reach the end consumer through your own e-commerce and other marketplaces and this should be an opportunity for us. Since I joined the company, I’ve experienced the positive evolution of our e-commerce site and it is great to see our customers’ feedback which confirms the strength of our brand.

This year is the 40th anniversary of Polti and my adventure in the company has just started. I am looking forward to all the exciting things to come.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is…

When I think of Polti, I think of “steam” and everything that comes with this word: the respect for the environment, an ecological cleaning of our homes without chemicals and the leadership of the brand in this field.