For Maurizio Bolsani, Retail, Sales & Marketing Specialist, professional life and private life go hand in hand. Since 1995, a path of continuous evolution.

I am a Retail, Sales & Marketing Specialist, but my experience in Polti started in 1995 in the Export team. I remember very well the first day of work because it is related to an important moment of my personal life, my son was only a few days’ old. Since then, every significant career step has been associated with a special memory of my child's growth.
My position has not always stayed the same, it has been a path of continuous evolution. In 2007 I received the offer to change role and become part of the Marketing office and in 2012 I gained a new position in the Italian Sales Department. These changes have allowed me to acquire new skills and to compare myself with managers and colleagues who are always different.

If I retrace the 23 years spent in Polti, the role I have today is definitely closest to my personal preferences. I love taking care of the smallest details of the set-up of the point of sales, I love the contact with people whether I am training sales representatives or explaining our products, including on television. One of the most important opportunities that the company has given to me was to present products such as Vaporella, Vaporetto and Moppy on television. I remember one episode in particular, launching Moppy on TV with Francesca Polti, Managing Director of Polti. It was a unique and engaging experience, she spoke about the product and described the company with passion and enthusiasm, which is exactly the approach that she has with employees in every day working life.

Regardless of the role and the office, there have been some occasions of corporate life that made me feel part of a united group; all those times that I personally participated in organizing events and presentations. The party for 20 years of Vaporetto, the presentation of Mr Polti’s book "My Challenge", the Polti Days, up to the open day this year for the 40th anniversary of Polti. If on one hand my personal involvement made me feel closer to the company, on the other hand the welcoming and positive working environment helped to build lasting relationships with colleagues; I am still in contact today with some of them, that I met 23 years ago but who have embarked on different professional paths.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is ...

Family e Life. All the stages or the most important goals of my child's life are linked to a particular and significant moment of my professional experience: on my first day of work my son was only 9 days old, when I went to the marketing office from the export office I remember the beginning of his adolescence up to the moment he gained his degree and his stage in Polti coincided with my participation in TV.