On November 6th on the 26th floor of the Diamond tower in Milan, BNP Paribas Cardif presented the results of the survey "Modern Family: from 1989 to the present, how the family has changed in 30 years".

What was the family like in 1989 and how is it today? 1989 is remembered for the fall of the Berlin wall, but if we think about the habits and everyday life of 30 years ago we remember the telephone handset, the walkman with headphones, floppy disks, music tapes, rolls of camera film and printed photographs. If you wanted to listen to some music in the car, there was a car radio and you could spend a nice evening on the sofa watching a movie thanks to a videotape.

The family of our days - Francesca Polti spoke to the BNP Paribas Cardif's event

The 2019 family has changed compared to 1989 and BNP Paribas Cardif research pictures a happier family than in the past, technological and green, but also more fearful towards the future and with fewer members.

For Italians the family continues to be a firm and secure point which can always be counted on.

It is different from the past: traditional, but also modern and open, it pays attention to the environment and still has strong bonds to the family of origin. It is also a family that sees more risks than 30 years ago, more worried about work, safety and future economic sustainability.

The family of our days pays more attention to sustainability

Among the most popular activities is simply chatting, in second place watching movies and TV series at home and almost half of the people interviewed would like more free time to devote to themselves.

The modern family is also green, sustainability is not simply a trends or a fad but a way of life: as well as separating out waste for collection (69%) and implementing actions to reduce domestic waste (67%), families are careful to buy products that respect the environment (43%) or Km0 (40%).


During the event speakers from completely different “worlds” and sectors were invited to express their perspective on the family and Francesca Polti was one of them.

Polti's vision of the family is very wide and modern: the family is what you feel, is what makes you feel good and represents you; it can be a single person two friends who live together, a man and his dog, a couple living together or a couple married with children. Polti speaks to the families as they are and takes care of them responsibly by proposing innovative solutions that can improve their lives in full respect of the environment. Family also means home and for Polti and #homelovers that has a special meaning: much more than four walls it’s a special place to take care of with love and passion.

With three adjectives we can define the modern family according to Polti: technological, respectful and #homelovers.

The presentation of the research was chaired by Barbara Rachetti of Donna Modern with input from:

Isabella Fumagalli –Head of Territory for Insurance in Italy di BNP Paribas

Francesca Polti – Director General of Polti

Fabrizio Fornezza - President of Eumetra MR

Riccardo Becagli – Head of Individuals di BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas

Vincenzo Bono – Deputy General Manager of Findomestic Banca

Lorenzo Colombo – Medical Director U.O. of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Hospital in Milan

Andrea Veltri – Deputy CEO di BNP Paribas Cardif