Cristina Solerti, Receptionist of Polti, tells her work experience in Polti, since 1994.

The importance of a pleasing work environment

My experience in Polti began in 1994. I remember as if it were yesterday when I was in the factory assembling and testing products like Vaporella, Vaporetto and Lecoaspira; and today, as a receptionist, I am the first person who customers, suppliers, partners meet if they visit the company or contact us by phone.

Each day I perform both front-office and back-office tasks such as shipping, mail sorting, organisation of transfers and administrative checks of expense reports.

The opportunity to move from the production department to the reception came in 2013, just at the right time when I wanted a new challenge, to learn something new, to acquire new skills and I didn’t hesitate to accept it. It was a path of growth that still today gives me great satisfaction and that motivates me to carry out even the simplest working activities with dedication.

Providing information, supporting colleagues for some secretarial duties and in general the contact with people is definitely the aspect of my work that I love most.

In 24 years I have changed roles, my workplace, my daily work activities, colleagues and managers but the feeling of family that you breathe in this company has accompanied me all the time I’ve spent in Polti.

There is a particular moment of my personal and professional life that tells it very well: for health reasons I had to leave my job for a year - when I was working in production - and on the day of my return I was agitated and nervous, it is not easy to reintegrate after a long absence.

That feeling of unease disappeared in a few hours, my colleagues and my supervisor immediately made me feel at ease, I felt at home, as if I had never left. Not only that my colleagues created a welcoming environment, the company also paid particular attention to my situation, it saved for me less cumbersome tasks from a physical point of view because I couldn’t carry out all the manual activities that I performed before my absence. Getting back to work was therapeutic, it helped me get back to normality.

Among the 40 words of the anniversary logo, Polti for me is…

Team and Vaporetto.

Teaming up with colleagues is fundamental to achieving important results. In my own small way it means sharing skills with colleagues, encouraging to do better. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and skills from them, and in addition we solve the critical issues with a collaborative spirit, comparing with others, this helps to find the correct solution.

The other word is Vaporetto because it’s the product that I feel most connected to, it reminds me of my first steps in the company and in particular Vaporetto 2085, I knew it so well, I knew every single component, so that even today I could assemble it with my eyes closed!