Our steam protects your future

Our secret is steam. A powerful and natural element that has become the heart of a simple and responsible innovation, with you for more than 40 years in small daily gestures: when you iron or take care of the home because you consider it a special place and even when you disinfect the your work environment.
Polti steam protects your home, your family, your work, in a word your future. This is why we are constantly looking for innovative solutions with more humane and local technology, we are committed to a sustainable future and we do it with respect for people, animals, the environment and diversity.

We bring innovation to your home thanks to the development of ever new technologies that give value to your commitment and the passion you put into caring for the home environment, the workplace, yourself and your family.

We have always considered the environment to be our first home and we believe that it is the small everyday gestures that make the difference and lay the foundations for a sustainable future..

We are committed to promoting a culture of full respect for people, animals, the environment and objects. We live as a big Polti family, supporting and making the most of every diversity. Inclusiveness is a word we just can't do without.

Our protagonists

Francesca Polti

Francesca Polti

Happily imperfect mother and General Manager of the Polti Group, a family even before a company. Since 2009 she has been interpreting the core values of Polti - respect, innovation and sustainability - creating the conditions for the future of #homelovers.

The secret behind Polti TV spot


She is Francesca's daughter.
10 years of unstoppable curiosity, a great passion for the theatre and a future to be planned.

The secret behind Polti Vaporella

Polti Vaporella ®

Professionalism at your fingertips.

The secret behind Polti Vaporetto

Polti Vaporetto ®

Today's cleaning that takes care of tomorrow.

The secret behind Polti Sani System

Polti Sani System ®

The best protection for your business.

Polti's secret to easy ironing


Freelancer with a penchant for Vaporwave music. Homelover by nature, Giorgio ends the day with a well defined routine: background music, La Vaporella and flawless ironing of his daughter Chiara's shirt. A small gesture of love to start the next day in the best possible way...

Polti's secret to home cleaning


Homelover, enrolled in the third year of Physiotherapy, Sebastian has just returned from 6 months in Erasmus. His apartment is the headquarters where he plans his future and his upcoming travels. He loves contact with nature and knows that respecting it in his daily choices helps to build a better future.

Polti's secret to school disinection


When you have to manage a group of 20 children, attention, safety and protection become your watchwords. Giulia, homelovers and history teacher in an elementary school, know it well. Her pupils are a second family, which is why she protects and sanitises her class every day with the same love and passion that she reserves for her home.