Polti Moppy FAQs

Do I need to empty the tank once I've finished cleaning?

No, if you use the Polti Moppy regularly, you don't need to empty the tank every time you clean.

Does the Polti Moppy mop dispense steam?

No, the Polti Moppy mop does not dispense steam. The steam is delivered from the base when the mop is placed in the correct position. In doing so, the microfibre cloth is soaked in steam and is ready to clean in seconds.

What type of water should I use in the tank?

The Polti Moppy is practical and easy to use and works with normal tap water.

The base plate is not warm all over.

That’s normal and depends on the technical specifications of the product. The Polti Moppy works correctly if the mop is placed on the base and the arrows are aligned correctly, then the steam is released evenly from all the holes in the base, thus ensuring that the whole cloth is dampened and heated.

Can I use the same cloth on all floors?

The microfibre cloths provided in the box are suitable for all surfaces.

Can I use the mop without the cloth?

No, the Polti Moppy is only used with the cloth, which removes the dirt. Even the electrostatic cloth for removing dust must be layered over the dry microfibre cloth.

How do I attach the cloths?

Put the microfibre cloth on the floor with the Velcro inserts facing up and place the mop plate on it: the cloth will attach instantly. To remove the microfibre cloth, place your foot on the label and firmly lift the mop: the cloth will remain on the floor. To attach the electrostatic cloth, lay the cloth on the floor and place the mop (with the dry microfibre cloth attached) in the centre of the electrostatic cloth and insert the ends of it into the relevant buttons on the top of the plate.

The electrostatic cloth must always be attached over the dry microfibre cloth.

After I remove the mop from the base, the green light stays on.

This is normal. The green sanitisation light will stay on for 15 seconds after you've removed the mop.

Where can I purchase spare microfibre clothes?

The microfibre cloths for the Polti Moppy can be purchased directly on our online store HERE.

How often should I put it on the base?

The Polti Moppy base serves two functions: it tops up the cloth with steam and eliminates the germs and bacteria gathered from surfaces. Put it back on the base when you feel that you need to dampen the cloth. For example, if it is not gliding as well over surfaces, or when you want to eliminate germs. The more you top up the cloth with steam, the damper it will be.

Do the floors dry quickly?

The hot steam dispensed on the cloth and the high quality of the microfibre encourage quick, even drying.

Can I use the Polti Moppy to wash windows?

Yes, the Polti Moppy is suitable for washing vertical surfaces and can even reach extremely high areas without having to use ladders thanks to the telescopic tube.

For outstanding cleaning of windows, we recommend using the special cloth kit (for sale directly on our online store HERE )

The kit has two cloths that are distinguished by their labels: one is for washing windows and so should be sprayed with steam on the base, and the second is for drying windows to guarantee flawless streak-free cleaning.

Where can I purchase spare electrostatic cloths?

The Polti Moppy is compatible with XXL electrostatic cloths that are normally found on the market, however they can be purchased directly on our online store HERE.

Can I use detergents on the floor or on tiles?

Steam cleaning is effective without the need for detergents. You don’t need to use chemical detergents to clean and that is the great advantage offered by using the Polti Moppy. It doesn’t pollute and you save money.

Can I add detergents/essential oils to the tank?

No, the Polti Moppy only works with water. Adding detergents or other substances into the tank could damage the charging base.

Can I clean parquet flooring with the Polti Moppy?

Yes, the Polti Moppy is suitable for all kinds of floors. For outstanding cleaning of wooden floors, we recommend using the special cloths for delicate surfaces (for sale directly on our online store HERE), alternatively, universal microfibre cloths are also suitable.

What is the difference between the Polti Moppy and a steam mop?

The Polti Moppy features a cordless mop that offers maximum freedom of movement. Light, flexible and with a height-adjustable telescopic handle. The large cleaning plate is thin, letting you reach even the most difficult-to-reach places and clean with ease. The Polti Moppy reaches everywhere and can also clean washable vertical surfaces. Ordinary steam mops can only clean floors. The Polti Moppy also captures dust with its electrostatic cloths. Steam mops have a range of action that is limited by the length of their power cable, but allow you to directly steam surfaces.

What surfaces can I clean?

With the Polti Moppy, you can clean all kinds of floors, such as marble, terracotta, stoneware and parquet flooring, as well as washable vertical surfaces, such as tiled walls, doors and cupboard doors.

How will I know that the appliance is ready to be used?

The Polti Moppy will be ready in 10 seconds after it is attached to the power socket.

What is the Moppy?

The Polti Moppy is an innovative solution for cleaning all kinds of floors and washable vertical surfaces: thanks to its dual function, it captures dust with its electrostatic cloth and cleans and sanitises with its hot steam-charged cloth.